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When homeowners design their dream house, they sometimes create a space that reflects their personal aesthetics and personality. The roof is an important part of creating this cohesive style; and, therefore, should blend seamlessly with the home.

If you’d like your roofing system to suit your aesthetic and personality, carry on reading as we reveal the best roofing system for you.

Dark and Moody

If you want a dark and moody aesthetic, there are plenty of roofing materials that will suit your taste. Metal roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, slate tiles, and flat rooftops can all be found in darker colors that work well for colder climates as they retain heat inside the home longer than lighter-colored options.

Nature Lovers

For those who love all things natural, a green roofing system is perfect for you. Green rooftops allow homeowners to grow their favorite plant life all across their roof. These roofing systems provide homes with an extra living space and are fantastic, especially for those without backyards.

Skylights are excellent ways to introduce natural elements without the commitment of green roofing. They allow for plenty of light and also let you watch rainfall or even snowflakes in winter.


For the minimalist at heart, flat roofing systems are the perfect choice for your home. They come with no trimmings, frills, or fuss; they purely serve a functional purpose. Flat rooftops are relatively low maintenance and can be covered with a roof coating to prolong their lifespan and make them more weather resistant.


If you’re someone who loves the feeling of a mountain cabin and ski resorts, then cedar roofing is for you. Cedar roofs provide warmth in the winter and keep houses cool during summer. They add to your home’s curb appeal while also providing it with an amazing natural scent.

For more information about the perfect roofing system for your home, give Trademark Roofing a call today!