Trademark Roofing

Trademark Roofing

top residential roofs There is a vast array of options out there when it comes to residential roofing materials. Naturally, these will vary in terms of cost, durability and longevity. In our experience in the industry, Trademark Roofing has found the below residential roof types to be the most popular on the market. 


1. Asphalt shingles

The cost effectiveness of asphalt shingles is a big factor in its popularity. Homeowners are also attracted by its wide variety, with some variations of asphalt shingles being able to replicate the look of more expensive options. On the downside, asphalt shingles doesn’t rank high on the durability scale when compared with other options. However, it is fairly easy to repair and or replace any damages. 


2. Metal roofing

Metal roofing includes more specific materials like aluminium, steel and copper. It is in the mid-range on the cost scale, costing slightly more than asphalt shingles, but less than more premium roofing options like slate or clay. Metal roofing is rising in popularity because of its longevity and its ability to withstand fire and wind. Metal’s heat-deflecting properties also means than the roofing system will aid temperature regulation within the home, ultimately saving you costs in the long run. 



3. Flat roofing

Definitely a more unconventional option, homeowners opt for flat roofing because of its low maintenance. In terms of inspection and repairs, roofing contractors are able to easily access the roof, reducing time and labour significantly. This roofing type can be seen in more modern homes, and indeed offers a very sophisticated finish to the home. 


4. Tile roofing

A good ‘ol tiled roof is a timeless classic. Its most popular variations are clay or concrete, and both ranks very high on the durability scale. So high in fact that on average, tile roofing has a lifespan of around 70 – 100 years. Of course this comes at a bigger cost than most roofing alternatives, but the investment most definitely is a long-term one, and chances are you will only have to do it once in your lifetime.