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Flat Roofing Systems are a fantastic investment for business and commercial building owners. They provide commercial owners with cost-effective roofing solutions that are effortless to maintain and accompanied by an incredibly long lifespan.

People can protect their flat roofs and make sure that they get the most out of their roofing systems by applying an excellent roof coating to them. Roof coatings are a great way to protect your flat roof from water, sun, and hail damage. If you’re not sure what a roofing coating has to offer you, carry on reading as we detail some of the advantages and disadvantages of roof coatings.


Increased Reflectivity

Roof coatings are a great way to increase your roofing system’s reflectivity. By reflecting harmful UV rays away from your building, the roof coating helps keep your building cool during the summer, thus significantly decreasing your energy bills. It also helps reduce sun damage, thereby extending your roofing system’s lifespan.


By protecting your flat roof, roof coatings reduce any expenditure that might have been spent on maintenance, repairs, and replacements. This is why it’s the top roofing solution for commercial buildings because they help businesses save money. Thanks to their high reflectivity, roof coatings help to reduce the heat generated in homes and buildings, thus decreasing your air conditioning usage.

Weather Resistant

Roof coatings provide an extra layer to your flat roof, helping to protect it from weathering and corrosion. It prevents significant hail damage, reduces the deteriorating effects of rainwater, and prevents growths like moss and lichen, which are stimulated by moisture and warmth, from growing across your flat roofing system.


Ponding Water

While the roof coating may prevent water from penetrating and damaging your flat roofing system, some coatings like acrylic roof coatings struggle to shed ponding water. This ponding water will lead to the eventual deterioration of your flat roof and can encourage the growth of things like mold and mildew.

Loss of Reflectivity

As the sun beats down on your roof, it will gradually lose its reflectivity. This means less heat is being reflected off your home and back into the air, leading to higher temperatures inside during the summer months and increased wear-and-tear for your roofing system.

Holds Dirt

Some roof coating materials like silicone tend to attract and hold onto dirt. Dirt and muck can diminish the appearance of your flat roof, reduce its reflectivity, and deteriorate your flat roofing materials.

For more information on the advantages and disadvantages of roof coatings, don’t hesitate to call Trademark Roofing.