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Solteq® Solar Roofing Tiles from Trademark Roofing

Welcome to the future of roofing! Trademark Roofing proudly introduces the Solteq Solar Roofing Tiles, an innovation that redefines the very essence of roofing technology.

About Solteq:
Solteq GmbH, a German design and engineering marvel, is the pioneer behind the groundbreaking Solteq solar roof tile. This innovative product is exclusively distributed throughout the Americas by Solteq USA, the Master Distributor. Each state further benefits from a designated State-based distributor for personalized service.

Revolutionary Roof Tiles:
Efficiency: Experience the epitome of efficiency with the Solteq solar roof tile. Unmatched in its class, it seamlessly blends with various premium roofing materials, such as concrete, clay, and more. Offering multiple sizes, shapes, and color variations, these tiles are engineered to match your unique roofing needs without compromising aesthetics.

Performance: Crafted for a lifetime of exceptional performance, Solteq boasts a 40-year warranty, a testament to its quality and durability. Each tile embodies the 200-year legacy of Germany’s world-class engineering and manufacturing standards, ensuring top-tier performance for decades to come.

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The Mercedes-Benz Of Solar Roof Tiles

Elevate your property’s aesthetics while harnessing the power of solar energy. Solteq is the pinnacle of elegance and functionality, making it the Mercedes-Benz of solar roof tiles. With its sleek design and unparalleled efficiency, it’s the ideal choice for those seeking both luxury and sustainability in their roofing solutions.

Why Choose Solteq Solar Roofing Tiles

Aesthetically Pleasing: The tiles seamlessly integrate with various roofing materials, preserving the beauty of your property.

Exceptional Efficiency: Harness the power of the sun while enjoying top-notch efficiency.

Durability: Backed by a 40-year warranty and engineered for a lifetime of performance.

Versatility: Available in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors, offering a tailored solution for every roofing need.

Why Trademark Roofing

Trademark Roofing is committed to offering top-quality roofing solutions. Our partnership with Solteq ensures access to the most innovative, high-performance solar roof tiles, providing our customers with the best in roofing technology.

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