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Solar Attic Fans

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Best WARRANTY in the Industry

Performance tested and American made, Attic Breeze solar attic fans are engineered for a lifetime of performance and durability. With its all metal zincalume alloy construction, impact resistant monocrystalline solar panel, and UltraFlo® design technology, Attic Breeze manufactures the highest quality solar attic fans available. We stand behind our workmanship and commitment to quality by offering an industry leading LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of our residential solar attic fan models.

Highest PERFORMANCE on the Market

Our proprietary UltraFlo® design technology maximizes airflow production, offering the highest conversion efficiency (cfm/watt) of any solar powered ventilation product available.

Power Performance Coverage Area*
20 watts 1400 CFM up to 2175 sqft
30 watts 1700 CFM up to 2725 sqft
40 watts 1875 CFM up to 3000 sqft
60 watts 2100 CFM up to 3375 sqft

*Proper sizing depends on a variety of factors including roof pitch, attic area, architecture, roof color, as well as the specific ventilation application. Please visit our website for more information or contact your local Attic Breeze dealer for assistance.

The IDEAL Ventilation Solution

As the sun beats down on your home throughout the day, heat can quickly build up in your attic from trapped hot air and inadequate ventilation. This excessive attic heat directly impacts both your electric bills and the performance of your home’s A/C system. Attic Breeze solar attic fans offer the ideal solution to this problem by using the same energy from the sun to continuously ventilate hot air and cool your attic. The result is a more comfortable home that requires less energy to cool. Contact your local dealer to learn more.

  • Reduces cooling bills by minimizing the heat load on your air conditioning equipment
  • Lowers attic temperature, resulting in a more comfortable home that’s easier to cool
  • Prevents mold and humidity in the attic by actively removing moisture build up
  • Works hardest when you need them the most, operating faster when the sun is more intense
  • Operates completely cost free and comes with a best in industry LIFETIME WARRANTY

If you have experienced a hot summer and own a home in the Southwest Florida area, you may want to consider cooling it with a Solar Powered Roof Fan. Consider this, during the day the hot sun is beating down on your roof causing your attic to heat up while your air conditioning unit is running continuously to cool it off. 

It’s no wonder so many homeowners are dealing with high utility bills. Now homeowners have a great opportunity to change all of this by installing solar powered attic fan. 

These solar attics fans are a fantastic energy efficient home improvement addition and the perfect time to have these installed is when the roof is being replaced. Consider the benefits of cooling your roof for free powered by the sun for many years to come. 

Benefits of Solar Attic Fans

solar vent Cape Coral, FL Here is a quick list to some of the many benefits:

  • Longer roofing shingle life span
  • Less heat in your attic
  • Increased energy efficiency of your A/C Unit
  • Extend the life of your A/C Unit
  • Faster removal of unwanted attic moisture and dampness

What are solar power vents and how do they help your home?

A solar powered roof vent is an attic ventilation fan running solely off solar power. These types of ventilators fall into the category of active (powered) attic ventilation. They work by pulling in outside air and forcing it through the attic. It then exits out through the attic vent to effectively cool the attic space. This method of attic ventilation is more effective than natural ventilation since the air inside the attic is moved and exchanging this air many more times per an hour with a powered vent than with a passive vent.

What are the cost benefits to installing a solar attic fan?

The amount of money you will save is dependent on the price of electricity in your area, the amount of attic space in your home, the efficiency of your attic insulation as well as the the amount of ventilation your solar attic vent is able to provide. In our experience, a typical installation of a solar vent typically pays for itself in savings within a few seasons of use versus the pricier option of power attics fans that can cost homeowners up to $35 – $85 per month just to run. Solar will end up saving a lot of money for you over time.

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