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Why Do I Need A New Roof?
Mine is only 15 years old!

This is one of the most common misconceptions in Southwest Florida. Many homeowners believe that a shingle roof will last for 20 years or more.

The reality is…

  • Most homebuilder shingle roof installations will actually only last 10-12 years in the Florida sun.
  • If your home was built in Cape Coral’s housing boom from 2003-2008, you probably need a new roof!
  • If your shingle roof is 12 or more years old, your insurance company is likely to drop you with little to no notice.

Contact Trademark today for a FREE shingle roof replacement estimate!

At Trademark Roofing, we work with you to help you decide which shingle would work best for your individual needs and the style of your home. We use architectural grade shingles from GAF, Owens Corning and Tamko. All three of these manufactures have their own distinct colors and aesthetic.

Owens Corning Preferred Roofing Company
GAF Roofing Warranty Seal
Tamko Shingles Roofing Company

Our Promise
In addition, to curb appeal, these shingles have a wind resistance rating of 130 mph with six nails going into each and every shingle. We take pride in our work and warranty your home to be leak free for 10 years following the installation of your new roof.

Manufacturer Warranties
GAF, Owens Corning and Tamko shingles all also have a similar “Limited Lifetime Warranty”. This means the shingles are warrantied against manufacturer defects for the lifetime of the shingle. This warranty covers a full replacement cost for 10 years. After 10 years, the warranty is prorated down to 20% of the roof’s value at the 40-year mark. This warranty also covers the shingles against blow-off for 15 years. If the shingles blow off due to winds below 130 MPH (a category 4 hurricane), the manufacturer will replace the cost of the blown off shingles.

If you are have received an estimate with a “20 to 30” year shingle and not a “Lifetime” shingle, the quality and integrity of the shingle may be far less than what our Southwest Florida weather demands.

Miami Dade County Approved Roofing Underlayment
Miami Dade County Approved Roofing Shingles

Before your shingle roof installation, we first install a Miami Dade Approved “peel and stick” underlayment. The underlayment is completely waterproof and contains a patented dual layer self-adhesive compound which aggressively adheres to the plywood portion of your roof. This compound also seals around the nails installed in the shingles, giving your roof an extra layer of water protection. This type of underlayment is superior to the old style tar paper that is most likely currently installed on your roof. If you are working with a roofer who has given you an estimate that includes tar-paper, you should insist they use the peel and stick underlayment.

Photo Gallery

Before Roof Replacement

After Roof Replacement

Roof Tear-Off

Roof Dry-In Stage

After Roof Installation

After Trademark Roofing Installation

Cape Coral Roof Install

New Roof Close Up

The Trademark Process
  1. 1 Agreement
    The first step is agreeing to a contract, putting a deposit down on the project and getting a scheduled start date. This is the longest period of time you should have to “wait”.
  2. 2 Underlayment Delivery
    Before your old roof is torn off, your new roofing underlayment and miscellaneous supplies will be delivered. Once the materials are delivered, you will receive a start date.
  3. 3 Start Date
    The night before the start date, you will receive a phone call from our office. This will give you time to remove your vehicles from your garage or driveway. The morning of the start date or possibly the night before, Trademark will place a disposal trailer in the drive way to dispose of the old roofing materials. This trailer will be hauled away the same day and should not impact the use of your driveway more than 24 hrs.
  4. 4 Tear Off & Dried-In
    During the same day that your roof is torn off, it will also be partially or completely “dried in”. Dried in means the new waterproof underlayment has been installed on your roof and it is completely “dried in”.
  5. 5 Roof Material Delivery
    After the dry in stage, your new shingles, metal or tile roof material will be delivered to your home. Once the new roofing materials are delivered you will receive an install date. The install also requires a disposal trailer just like the removal of your old roof.
  6. 6 Install
    A shingle roof under 3,500 sq. ft. should take one day to install. A shingle roof over 3,500 sq. ft. will require a second work day. Metal and tile are much more of a custom installation and will require a few days to a week to install, depending on complexity of the job.

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