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A Metal Roof installation will outlast shingle up to 3 times over.

Over a 50 year lifespan, metal roofing is ultimately less expensive than a shingle roof. Although the upfront costs are higher, one metal roof install will outlast between 3-4 shingle roof installs on the same home within that timeframe!

Other Advantages:

  • The weight of metal roofing is 7x lighter than shingle and 9x lighter than tile.
  • The speed and ease of a metal roof installation is much better than tile.
  • Our metal roofing materials come with a Class A Fire rated material and are non-combustible.
  • The reflective material allows for reflection of heat and energy savings for you and your home.

At Trademark Roofing, we will assist you with your decision on which metal materials and colors will be the best fit for your individual needs and style.

Advantages of Metal vs. a Shingle Roof

The first advantage is longevity. Trademark installs metal roofing products with a 25-year corrosion warranty. With proper maintenance, a metal roof can last up to 50 years.

Second, metal roofs reflect the Florida sun and do not absorb as much heat as a shingle. Homeowners can expect a 10-25% energy savings depending on the color of the metal installed.

Metal roofing systems also carry a wind rating of 140 MPH, meaning they can sustain gusts of wind up to 140 MPH. Metal roofs have a wind and uplift resistance that is above the new building code requirements.

Metal Roofing Styles

There are two different styles of metal roofing systems that are traditionally installed on residential homes. The first is known as a 5V Crimp. 5V Crimp uses exposed fasteners. The panels use a screw with a rubber washer to secure the panels to the roof decking. The screw heads are visible and sealed by the rubber washer against the panel.

The second type of metal roof is known as a standing seam roof. A standing seam roof is a top of the line roofing system with no visible fasteners. This is done using clips that clip to the panel edge and are screwed into the roof. The next panel is placed over the clips, concealing the fasteners and locking the panel in place.

Both 5V crimp and Standing seam come in a standard “mill’ or silver metal finish. They can also be finished in a variety of colors that can add to the energy savings of the roof.

Photo Gallery

Cape Coral Metal Roof Installation

Front View of New Roof

Side View of New Roof

Back View of New Roof

Metal being installed

The Trademark Process

  1. 1 Agreement
    After your estimate has been provided, the first step is finalizing a contract and making your deposit. Because the ordering of materials can take a few weeks, this would be the longest period of time that you should have to “wait”.
  2. 2 Underlayment Delivery
    Even before your existing roof is removed, your metal roofing underlayment and other miscellaneous supplies will then be delivered to your home. Once the roofing materials are delivered, you will then receive a start date for your project.
  3. 3 Start Date
    The day before your start date, you will receive a reminder call from our team. This will allow you the time to remove any needed vehicles from your garage or driveway. Trademark will be placing a disposal trailer in your driveway to remove the old roofing materials. In most cases, this trailer would be hauled away on the same day.
  4. 4 Tear Off & Dried-In
    On this same day, your roof will be partially or completely “dried in”. This means that the waterproof underlayment has been installed on your roof and your home will be completely protected.
  5. 5 Roof Material Delivery
    Next, your metal material will then be delivered to your home. Upon delivery of the new roofing materials, you will receive an install date. This install will also require the use of another disposal trailer.
  6. 6 Install
    A metal roof under 3,500 sq. ft. should take less than a week to install. Each metal piece is custom and cut by hand so it requires more time than a shingle roof.

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