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Tile Valley Repairs

A common problem with tile roofs is that leaking often occurs in the valley areas. This can happen because the valley acts like a large funnel so during a rainstorm, it is subject to greater amounts of water than the rest of the roof. Although the tiles do shed most of the water, some water may get into the underlayment. This is when you may notice that you have a leak.

TradeMark Roofing offers free estimates at no cost to you.

Tile Valley Roof Repair
New Shingle Roof


We understand the importance of providing the necessary maintenance in order to allow the maximum longevity of your roof. However, in some instances re-roofs are necessary. If this is the best option for you given the condition of your roof, we will come up with the most cost-effective strategy to match your budget, while making sure guidelines and safety are met along the way. We have various options such as styles, textures and colors for you to choose from. We want to ensure your utmost satisfaction following the completion of your new roof.

Roof Coating & Sealing

Roof Coatings may offer a viable solution to extend the life of your roof and provide protection for many years to follow. Roof coatings can be likened to a very thick white paint that once applied, forms a rubber-like layer which makes the roof 100% waterproof.

Roof Coatings are formulated to protect against damages caused by weather such as UV light and excessive wind and water. There are many types of roof coatings to choose from. The most commonly used coatings are:

  • Acrylic coatings
  • Asphalt coatings
  • Polyurethane coatings
  • Silicone coatings
Roof Coating and Sealing
Skylight Installation


Skylights are known to be a great investment, being that they add natural sunlight to any room and enhance the aesthetics of your home as well. Skylights allow homeowners to have a great view of they sky while reducing the need for traditional lighting throughout the day. One form of skylights we offer is Tubular skylights. Some Advantages of Tubular Skylights are there will be no need for modifications from ceiling to attic and they come in 10 or 14 inches. Another form of skylights we offer is 2x2 or 2x4 available in either glass or high-quality plastic. These Skylights will be Miami-Dade certified to withstand hurricanes commonly found in Florida. Installing and replacing Skylights is one TradeMark Roofings Specialties.

Roof Repairs

In many cases, roofs may develop leaks years before the entire roof needs to be replaced. The reason this might happen is most often caused by localized damage. In Tile and Shingle repairs, this includes cracked and missing shingles and tiles or on a flat roof a blistered or cracked area.

TradeMark Roofing will not pressure you into buying a whole new roof. In most cases, the roof can be repaired without a complete roof replacement. We will determine the cause of the problem, present the most cost effective options to suit your budget and fix the problem at hand.

We perform repairs on the following types of roofs:

  • Tile
  • Asphalt Shingle
  • Metal
  • Flat
  • Foam or Single Ply
  • Natural Slate
Tile Roof Repair
Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections

A roof inspection is often called for when your homeowner’s insurance is going to be canceled due to the age of the roof and needs to be certified. This is where TradeMark Roofing would visually inspect the roof to check for any imminent repairs while also making sure you are in full gear to take on the rainy season.  We take photos of your roof and email them to you so that you have documentation for your insurance that your roof is in good condition and was serviced by a licensed roofing contractor.

Maintenance Programs

TradeMark Roofing will clean gutters from any debris, seal any loose shingles or rusting nails. We will also reseal around all of your boots, roof vents and any roof penetrations you may have. For tile roofs, we will seal any cracked tiles or loose tiles into place.

Roof Maintenance Programs
Commercial Roofing

Commercial Work

We understand some projects may fall into a tighter schedule so we will give priority to property managers, real estate agents, and general contractors that are building or renovating a commercial property. TradeMark Roofing will work within those time frames professionally and quickly to make sure the project remains on track. As some companies remain operational we understand the importance to meet every safety measure possible so the business may remain open while performing the work that needs to be done.

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