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As with most things around the home, and in life in fact, you always want to at least try to repair before your replace. The reasons for this are obvious: it’s both the cheaper and quicker option.

However, it also takes that many repairs until you have to cave into the reality of replacing. Unfortunately this is true for roofing too. It’s a hard pill to swallow because of the big expense involved in roof replacements, but we’re just here to offer sound advice.

Below are a few factors to consider.

How old is your roof?

This should be your first consideration. If you have had consistent problems with your roof, and made the necessary repairs each time, the age of your roof could be the deciding factor. For example, you may have moved into a home where the roof was installed by the previous owners, meaning it will have been a ripe old age already. Or you don’t even remember when you yourself replaced your home’s roof. Materials like shingles usually last around 30 years, so assess how you fair against that before deciding.

How long do you intend to stay in the home?

Related to the point above, it’s also not really worth your while to replace an entire roof when you have plans to sell in the next few years. If you’re experiencing problems that are salvageable but your roof is still in an okay position, then best to keep going with the repairs rather than making the investment without being able to fully gain on it.

Consider your financial situation

While in some situations replacing your roof may seem inevitable, the expense of the process cannot be ignored. A roof replacement may be one of the most expensive investments you make on your home, so it is something you may have to plan for. If you’re lucky, your home coverage company could cover the expense depending on the circumstances, but if it needs to come out of your own pocket, it’ll take some planning. And don’t forget to factor in the hidden costs like gutters downspouts too. Of course this decision is made a lot simpler if you have the funds available, then go for it!