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Homeowners in Florida have faced strict regulations regarding roof replacements, particularly the 25% roof replacement rule. However, recent updates give homeowners more flexibility in maintaining and repairing their roofs.

Let’s delve into the revised 25% roof replacement rule and explore the role of Trademark Roofing LLC in assisting homeowners with their roofing needs.

Florida’s 25% Roof Replacement Rule:

Florida’s 25% roof replacement rule, which was in effect until May 26, 2022, mandated that if a roof sustained damage exceeding 25%, the entire roof must be replaced in compliance with the Florida Building Code. This rule often posed a significant financial burden on homeowners and led to concerns about unnecessary roof replacements.

Recent Changes to the Rule:

On May 26, 2022, a significant change took place, offering a sigh of relief for Florida homeowners. The revised rule now states that if less than 25% of the roof has sustained damage, homeowners are not required to replace the entire roof. Instead, they can focus on repairing the damaged sections, leading to substantial cost savings.

Trademark Roofing Can Help:

In navigating the complex world of roofing regulations and repairs, homeowners often seek the assistance of experienced professionals. This is where Trademark Roofing LLC comes into play. With our expertise in roofing and understanding of Florida’s building codes, we positioned ourselves as a reliable partner for homeowners facing roof replacement or repair projects.