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Your Path to a New Roof

We always try to schedule an appointment so that the decision makers are present. Your presence will enable us to provide a customized experience and you the best customer service.

At Trademark Roofing we do not offer gimmicks to earn business, we offer an amazing experience, quality workmanship, and excellent communication.

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We Provide Detailed Inspection

When we arrive to your home or business, the goal is to take a few minutes to get to know you and your unique situation. We are going to use that information to frame how we inspect your roof for any potential damages, leak points, and unusual conditions. The inspection will require us to either get on the roof or use a drone. We will take pictures, mark any damage and unusual conditions. We will use the photos to create an inspection report that we will review with you during the appointment together.

Personalize Your Project

By this time, we have explained to you our findings on your roof, we have outlined the best solution for you, and it’s time to make a decision. We will provide you with options, from materials to colors. You now have the opportunity to make your final selections. Each selection you make will affect warranty, price, and timing. This decision is not made lightly, and we will be there for you along to way to answer all of your questions. Ultimately, if you’re not ready to make the selections, we will invite you to one of our personalized showrooms either in the Sanibel or Cape Coral office.

Production Focused on You

The heart of our installation process is communication. Once you have signed your contract, your file then goes to our dedicated team to help guide you through the reroof. We will apply for the appropriate permit, order materials, and you will begin receiving notifications that your project is in motion. Once materials for the tear-off and dry in are delivered, we schedule our crew. Once the dry-in is complete, your finish roof materials will be delivered, and our install crew begin the installation of your final roof. The sequencing of orders, timing and crews being scheduled varies based upon the product you select. You can rest assured knowing we have dedicated staff, evaluating each aspect of the project as we go, to ensure your project is completed in a timely manner.

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