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The sun is the life source for all living things on Earth. From lighting up the sky to helping plants grow, it’s a phenomenal thing in most of our lives. But while we love its warmth and light, there are times that it can be more destructive than helpful. It gives off powerful UV rays, which have been shown to damage your skin and scorch your roof.

Providing your home with the best tools to combat the sun’s damaging effects is our number one priority at Trademark Roofing. We believe in equipping your home with heat-resistant roofing materials so that your home has adequate protection for decades to come.

These are some of the ways in which the sun can damage your home’s roofing system:

Cracking and Breaking

The sun is a great provider of heat and light, but it can also dry out your roofing materials to the point where they eventually crack or break. In hot climates, these effects are accelerated.

Some roofing materials are better than others at resisting the sun’s harmful UV rays. Roofing materials like metal are excellent at reflecting these UV rays, thus reducing its damaging effects.

Thermal Shock

Under the beating sun, your roofing materials are under all sorts of pressure. Hot days cause expansion and cold nights shrink them back to normal size. However, this continuous expansion and contraction will lead to your materials suffering from thermal shock over time.

This continuous expansion and contraction process may lead to the degradation of your roofing materials and their eventual breakdown.


You may have noticed that your rooftop is looking a little duller than usual. This may be due to the sun’s bleaching effects.

A bleached roof will likely make your home look old and aged and thus ruin your home’s curb appeal. Luckily your roof can easily be repainted or recoated and returned to its former glory.


The significant powers of the Sun’s UV rays combined with the natural processes of oxidization usually lead to your roofing materials becoming brittle and eventually crumbling.

If you’ve noticed any sun damage occurring on your roof, it’s vital to schedule an inspection with your local roofing company. Getting an idea of how bad the damage is essential to your roof’s lifeline. You’ll be able to decide whether or not your roofing systems require some repairs or an entire roof replacement. For all roofing inquiries, give Trademark Roofing a call today!