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If you’re looking at your roof right now and thinking there’s no possible way repairs or basic maintenance tasks are going to fix it up anymore, it’s probably time for a replacement. However, that leads to one of the biggest questions any Cape Coral roofing company gets.

How much does a roof replacement cost in Cape Coral?

Well, there’s a short and sweet answer that will give you a ballpark number, but it doesn’t really show the whole picture.

A new roof costs an average of about $16,000 in the area. That number isn’t entirely accurate, either. It largely depends on the square footage of the project, the materials being used, and the company you choose. There are all kinds of factors that affect your end price.

That probably seems like an astronomical undertaking considering the economic problems everyone is facing and the general need to save money, but there are some reasons you need to commit RIGHT NOW.

If you’re hesitant, and you need a little more concrete evidence to go off, here are some facts to think about.

1: The Longer You Wait, The More You Pay

If your roof is in disrepair now, you’re at the exact best moment to have it replaced. Not just because of the problems we’ll talk about next, but in a financial sense, too.

Unfortunately, the cost of roof replacements rises by about 5% every single year. So, while you might be able to technically live comfortably in your house now and deal with the consequences of having a roof that isn’t operating properly, you’ll cost yourself a lot more money by putting it off.

Considering new roofs can last decades, it’s best to pay for them immediately. Even if you need to use financing options to pull it off. The price will never be lower.

2: Damage to Your Home Continues to Build if You Wait

Not only do you have to worry about the price of roofing services going up each year, but you also have to worry about the costs associated with having a low-quality roof.

A roof that isn’t functioning at peak performance can create several issues you might not even notice right away. It can lead to mold development, water damage throughout the framing of your home, and even foundation issues.

If you put off hiring a roofing crew because of what seems like a high price now, you can easily end up with several other forms of damage around your home that are far more expensive to take care of later.

3: Increased Economic Instability

The 5% figure we gave earlier for annual cost increases is just the baseline. That doesn’t even factor in extra costs due to inflation and economic issues that seem to be on and off, nowadays. Waiting now doesn’t only pose a 5% increase later. If you finally decide to pull the trigger during a major economic downturn, that percentage rate can increase dramatically.

Where to Get a New Roof

If you want to maximize the value of your new roof purchase, you need to buy now. However, you also need a roofing contractor that can get the job done properly, quickly, and with high-quality standards.

At Trademark Roofing, we have been serving the Cape Coral community for years and maintained several stellar review ratings. If you want a quality roof replacement while it’s more cost-effective than it ever will be, contact us, today.