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The last few months or so has been really hard for everyone around the world. The dreaded COVID-19 virus has wreaked havoc across the globe, forcing many of us back into our homes in order to protect ourselves and the ones we love. While we understand the importance of social distancing at this time of distress, we can’t help but dream of frolicking about in the lovely Cape Coral waters or dining together with family and friends at some of the city’s most delectable restaurants. Until it is safe to come out again, we can start planning which parts of town we’re going to visit first.

The Beach, of course

What better way to celebrate our freedom and bask in the gloriousness of the summertime than spending the day at the beach. The amazing white beaches, stretching all along the Gulf of Mexico, is one of Cape Coral’s most popular spots for tourists and locals alike. Swimming, tanning and even major partying are all the things that you can expect at the Cape Coral seaside.

Bike Around Town

Dubbed a ‘Bicycle Friendly Community’ by the League of Bicyclists’, Cape Coral is best seen through the eyes of a cyclist, and it’s an environmentally friendly way to travel. What better way to stretch those legs after weeks indoors than by cycling around in of Florida’s most beautiful cities. You can shed some of that winter weight while taking in the beauty of Cape Coral at the same time.

Explore the Marsh

What better way to be at one with nature than to explore the magnificent Rotary Park Environmental Center. The park boasts more than 97 acres of natural wonder, where you and the family can enjoy the afternoon trail walking, kayaking,or just a simple afternoon stroll.

Set Sail

For all the sailors out there, the Caloosahatchee River is a 67-mile river that’s great for an easy and relaxed sailing experience. There are lovely stops along the way, such as some great seafood restaurants, birding opportunities,and even some historic attractions.

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