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Uncovering a city’s history can be incredibly exciting even if you’re not an archaeologist or anthropologist. The history of a city helps one understands the ways in which the city runs and the cultures and behaviors of its people. We here, at Trademark Roofing, want to take you on a little journey into the history of Cape Coral.

Cape Coral Historical Society And Museum

The Cape Coral Historical Museum contains hundreds of documents, artefacts, photographs and more, of the history of Cape Coral. Operated by the Cape Coral Historical society, the museum aims to preserve the unique history of the city and pass on the stories of the city to future generations. Learn more about this wonderful city at the Cape Coral Historical Museum.

Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve

What better way to discover the history of an area than going deep into its nature. The Four Mile Ecological Preserve is 365 acres of lush, green wetland, the preserve is the second largest preserved green space in Cape Coral. The preserve offers visitors the opportunity to explore Cape Coral in its natural element, walk among the greenery and you’ll even come across some majestic wildlife.

Southwest Florida Military Museum And Library

The Southwest Florida Military Museum and Library offers visitors a look into the rich military history of the United States. The museum features an expansive display of military artefacts from all major American wars. The museum seeks to honor the American military and preserve the stories of the soldiers who fought for their country.

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