Trademark Roofing

Trademark Roofing

Covid-19 Update

Trademark Roofing Statement on COVID-19

Safety has been and will continue to be at the forefront of all of our operations, especially now in these unprecedented times. Trademark Roofing is committed to the health and welfare of our customers, employees, vendor partners, and the public at large and has implemented the guidance of the CDC, Department of Homeland Security, and provisions of Governor Desantis’ Executive Order regarding the Safer at Home directive. Please click here for our full policy statement and procedures.

Re-roofing and repairs

The maintenance and repair of buildings have been deemed essential services and as such Trademark Roofing will continue to conduct daily operations in support of our client’s needs for our services. In the performance of our work we have implemented the following procedures;

1. All employees have been instructed to remain at home should they have any concern that they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19
2. There is no need to have direct contact with crew members at any time
3. Any need for contact with our customers during construction will be done via phone, email, or text when practical
4. Should the need arise to speak directly with a customer at a jobsite we will always maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from the customer
5. Crew members have been instructed to maintain a minimum space of 10 feet from all buildings when on the ground (breaks and rest -periods for example) unless using ladders or procuring tools, equipment, or materials
6. All employees have been fully briefed on the need to practice enhanced hygiene i.e. frequent handwashing, the use of sanitizers, maintaining safe distances from others, etc…
7. We will post pictures of our work online in a personal web-portal if requested
8. For your safety, all billing and payments will be done electronically or over the phone

Inspections and job quotes

We will continue to provide customers with quotes for repairs and re-roofing during this time. For your safety and that of our estimators. To minimize direct contact please note;

1. Our estimators/inspectors will avoid any direct contact with you, no handshakes for example
2. Access to your attic is often times needed, especially in the event that you have a leak;
a. If access to your attic is inside the garage, we will ask that you open the garage door but remain inside your home while we do the inspection
b. If access to your attic is inside the home you may request that we reschedule the inspection or if you choose, you may remain in the home while maintaining a safe distance, preferably in another room inside the home, or you may choose to move to the outside.
3. We will utilize web-based platforms when available for measuring your roof
4. We will utilize web-based platforms to provide you with product information/descriptions
5. We will provide you with electronic quotes and proposals (an email address is necessary)
6. Quotes, contracts, proposals, and change orders can all be signed/approved online, again, an email address will be required
7. A web-based portal can be established for you for documents, pictures, etc

Should you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 239-848-6613 or

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