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Stone Coated Steel

The best roofing option for Southwest Florida.

Stone Coated Steel is a fan favorite roofing solution for South West Florida

The best option for Southwest Florida. Stone-coated steel roofing is an innovative and durable roofing solution that combines the strength of steel with the aesthetic appeal of natural stone. The roofing tiles are crafted by adhering colored stone chips to a galvanized steel base, creating a lightweight yet robust material that resists cracking, fading, and warping. This roofing option offers exceptional longevity, with a lifespan of up to 50 years, and is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain, snow, and high winds. Its interlocking design provides superior protection against leaks and enhances energy efficiency. Offering an array of attractive styles, stone-coated steel roofing provides homeowners with a reliable and visually appealing option for protecting their properties while requiring minimal maintenance.

Unmatched Performance

Stone Coated Steel is a forever roof, boasting warranties from different manufacturers that exceed 50 years. It is a great solution for communities and business owners who are looking for an elite curb appeal.

Transform Old Tile to Modern Stone Coated Steel

Concrete tile has many advantages. However, in the Southwest Florida environment, due to its concrete properties, it is porous and lends itself vulnerable to cracking, mold growth, and accelerated fading leading to expensive maintenance over the life of the roof. Transform your concrete tile roof into a new, vibrant, long-lasting, industry-leading, warrantied roof using stone-coated steel.

A Premium Roof Requires a Premium Underlayment

When we remove the old concrete tile, we inspect all aspects of the wood associated with the roof system and replace as necessary per Florida Building Code. As a result, we install an industry leading, high temperature, reflective secondary water barrier that sticks directly to the plywood deck. This creates a non-permeable surface and provides the highest level of water protection we have available to us.

Protect Your Community or Business with the Best

Stone coated steel offers the industry’s best warranties direct from the manufacturers. Boasting 50 and even 60 year product warranties with a wind rating. We are confident the curb appeal and durability will surpass all of your expectations. Trademark Roofing is the #1 stone coated steel installer in Southwest Florida. We are transforming old concrete tile community roofs into modern exceptionally long-lasting, beautiful stone coated steel roofs.

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