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Trademark Roofing

Arts and Culture in Fort Myers, FL

If you thought Fort Myers was a sleepy little beach town, think again. It has a thriving arts and culture scene, which is kept alive by a range of events and institutions across the city. Below we share just a few of those that you have to check out.


Fort Myers Art Walk

Downtown Fort Myers has more than a dozen art galleries, and what Art Walk does is activate and create awareness around them in its monthly gathering. Taking place on the first Friday of every month, residents and visitors are invited to walk the streets to take in the specially prepared works and exhibitions lining the streets.

The art stops include UNIT A Contemporary Art Space, Reverie & Rock Art Gallery, the Art League of Fort Myerson Monroe, Enjewel, Ocasiocasa Studio Gallery, Articulture Gallery & Tattoo, Arts for ACT Gallery, the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, Space 39, The Franklin Shops on First and The Shoppes at Broadway. Expect live entertainment, installations and some performance pieces along the walk too.


Alliance for the Arts

A real gift to the Fort Myers and Southwest Florida arts community, Alliance for the Arts was founded with the express intention to foster growth the growth of local arts. Today they remain committed to expanding access to art, starting important conversations and solving the challenges the community faces through creativity and imagination.

Some of its key features include two theaters, three art galleries, youth education programmes and adult art classes. There are also plans in place to for a new public space on the campus, called Alliance Artspark, which seeks to merge the arts with nature.


Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center

The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center exists to bring the best arts events to Southwest Florida. A big attraction in Fort Myers, it hosts a variety of cultural events including anything from educations experiences, exhibitions of course, concerts, galas and lectures.

Run by Florida Arts, Inc, the space is committed to nurturing innovation and excellence in the arts through these events. The building itself is a piece of local heritage in its Neoclassic revival style architecture.