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4 Fun Facts About Cape Coral

Florida’s Water Wonderland, as Cape Coral is known by many, is a dream location to stay by anyone’s standards. The city offers so much in the way of a great lifestyle and quality of living. It also has a few unique quirks that make it extra special. Trademark Roofing has been working in the Cape Coral area and surrounds for a number of years, so we know all there is know about Cape Coral. Below we share some fun facts about the city that you may not have known.


Take that, Venice

Venice, Italy is probably the world’s most renowned canal city, but did you know that Cape Coral actually has a greater mileage than Venice. That’s right. Cape Coral has more than 400 miles of canal, making it one of the biggest canal cities in the world. What distinguishes it from others too is the fact that the city was built fairly recently, so the canals are well integrated with homes and the rest of the city.


Humble beginnings

When brothers Leonard and Jack Rosen first discovered the land in 1957, they purchased what was then known as Redfish Point for the purposes of a pre-planned community. Evidently the growth has been phenomenal and the city Cape Coral was incorporated in 1970. The growth persist and in 2017 Cape Coral was ranked number 1 in Forbes’ list of fastest growing cities in the US.


Wild things

Cape Coral is most certainly a great place to live for humans, but a range of animal species also call it home too. It is home to the biggest population of burrowing fowls in the state, and supports reptiles, songbirds, tortoises, wading birds and waterfowl. Invasive species in the area include the Nile monitor, the spiny-tailed iguana and the green iguana.


So much room for activity

Cape Coral is a nature lover’s paradise having a total of 30 recreational parks! This is in addition to 7 golf courses and a range of beaches along the Gulf. Then there’s also the smaller tropical islands off the Gulf of Mexico, which can be easily accessed thanks to 3 public boat launching facilities courtesy of the Parks and Recreation Department.